Ontario Auto Salvage




  1. All used mechanical, body, and electrical ‘Parts’ or ‘Assemblies’ are sold by Ontario Auto Salvage (the ‘Seller’) with a 90-day, Part and Assembly only Standard Warranty (the ‘Warranty’), commencing at the time of Sale, unless stated otherwise.
  2. The Purchaser must inspect all used and aftermarket Parts and Assemblies for defects upon delivery.
  3. Defective Parts or Assemblies are guaranteed for replacement only. If a replacement is unavailable, a full refund will be issued by the Seller.
  4. Obvious signs of abuse, including but not limited to improper installation, operating the Part or Assembly beyond the limitations and intended use contemplated by the vehicle’s Manufacturer, or operation without the required fluids (and quantities) as recommended by the Manufacturer will void the Warranty on all applicable Parts and Assemblies.
  5. Engines are sold as a complete Assembly and are guaranteed to be in good operating condition within the reasonable limits of the specifications stated by the Seller at the time of Sale.
    1. Engine Assemblies only include the crankshaft, engine block, cylinder head, and valve train.
      1. Engine accessories, including but not limited to the fuel pump, water pump, distributor, carburetor, and exhaust manifold, are left with the engine for customer convenience only and are not covered by the Warranty.
    2. Engine Assemblies must be installed by a licensed mechanic and requires the thermostat, existing gaskets, seals, and oil filters be changed in accordance with vehicle Manufacture specifications.
    3. A licensed mechanic must install a radiator in good working order prior to engine installation. Failure to replace existing coolant lines (at the Purchasers expense) on engines equipped with an external oil pump will void the Warranty.
  6. Drivetrain Components are sold as a complete Assembly and guaranteed to be in good operating condition within the reasonable limits of the specifications stated by the Seller at the time of Sale.
    1. Drivetrain Components includes the transmission, axle (shaft), transfer case, rear differential, and gears.
    2. Defective teeth that subsequently develop after the Sale, including obvious signs of abuse or failure to verify the correct gear ratio required will void the Warranty.
    3. Drivetrain components must be installed in accordance with vehicle Manufacture specifications by a licensed mechanic and where appropriate, with new fluids (oils) and inspection gaskets.
  7. Aftermarket Parts are eligible for return (and refund) within 30-days of the Sale only when the Part or Assembly and the accompanying product packaging are not altered, damaged, used, or painted.
    1. Defective aftermarket Parts and Assemblies are eligible for return within 1-year of Sale except for light bulbs sold with front and rear light Assemblies.
  8. Excluding the Engine Assembly or Drivetrain Components, the Warranty will be voided if a Part or Assembly has been disassembled or altered.
  9. Warranty excludes any claim for loss or damage caused by installation, removal, or use of the part.
  10. Body Sections (e.g., quarter panels and centre posts) cut to customer order specifications may not be returned or refunded once accepted by the Purchaser.
  11. Door mouldings and vehicle trim accessories are not guaranteed or subject to Warranty.

  13. Conditional Extended Warranty (the ‘Extended Warranty’) must be purchased at the time of Sale.
  14. Extended Warranty is not applicable to any Part or Assembly installed in a commercial vehicle. Failure to disclose to the Seller that the part is for a commercial vehicle will void the Extended Warranty.
  15. The Seller reserves the right to replace, repair, or refund the parts and labour according to the ‘Mitchell Manual’ specifications at a rate of $50.00 per labour hour. Labour will be paid fully and in one installment.
  16. The Seller retains the right to withhold the provision of Extended Warranty. If Extended Warranty is offered, the cost of labour coverage will not exceed the cost of the original Sale price of the Part or Assembly (excluding the cost of Extended Warranty).
  17. All claims by the Purchaser must be made with the original Sale invoice and Part or Assembly.
  18. Failure to comply with any requirements of the “Standard Warranty” will also void the Purchasers Extended Warranty.

  20. Any returned ‘Not-Sufficient-Funds’ (‘NSF’) cheque will be subject to a $35.00 charge.
  21. Any return of a non-defective Part or Assembly is subject to a 25% restocking fee.
  22. The Seller retains title of any Parts or Assembly unless payment is made by the Purchaser.
  23. The Purchaser agrees that notwithstanding the Sales of Goods Act, R.S.O. 1990, c. S.1, the Seller is only responsible to refund the purchase price of the defective Part or Assembly and for no other cost incurred by the Purchaser.
  24. Electronic parts produced after 2010, including any electronic control modules (computers), radios, and speedometers may need to be re-flashed at a certified dealer or installer at the Purchaser’s expense for proper function.